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Coffee Fest Anaheim
Coffee Fest Anaheim
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S8: E10: Coffee Fest Anaheim

The themes, in my opinion, at Coffee Fest Anaheim and the Western Food Service & Restaurant expo were Robots Are Taking Over We’re All Eating Plants From Now On. Personally, the appeal of the coffee industry is the community of people who care about the product, how it is produced, and the communing with others or themselves over a cup.

Three photos. From Left: A humanoid looking robot waiter takes an order on its chest tablet screen. Center: The Latte Art World Championship Open bracket. Right: A close up of A pint of beer at with the Everywhere Beer Company bar in the background.

Hacea Coffee Source’s Jared and Luke Hales was kind enough to invite me and the Coffee People podcast to join them at their vendor booth. What I experienced was the goodwill of the lovely coffee people willing to talk about their passion with a complete stranger and a slew of current and past Hacea clients and collaborators willing to offer up unsolicited accolades. It made me proud to be part of the coffee community—at least a little bit—and to be partnered with Hacea.


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