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Coffee People: Ben Wilde, Pacifica Renew & Chinatown Coffee Roasters

Coffee People: Ben Wilde, Pacifica Renew & Chinatown Coffee Roasters

Treating people well will lead you to more good people.
Photos via @pacificarenew on Instagram


Guest: Ben Wilde
Role: Founder/Importer/Roaster: Pacifica Renew Green Coffee Importers, Chinatown Coffee Roasters, Quichapa Coffee
Based: Los Angeles, CA & Cedar City, UT
What they order: Hold onto mugs. It’s a lot. He drinks a pourover, espresso, double ristretto, and/or cortado—stirred, not shaken or swirled. While he was describing his cortado preferences Ben pulled a stirring spoon out of his front shirt pocket. Don’t forget the decaf or half-caf’s late in the day.

Left: a caucasian man poses (shoulders up) in front of a rack of plastic-wrapped burlap sacks filled with coffee in a warehouse. Right: The same man poses for a selfie while holding a green espresso cup up to the camera. He has a goatee and slicked back hair. he's wear a red button down with a flower print.
Left: Ben posing in front of imported green coffee. Right: Ben’s coffee selfies fill the @pacificarenew feed.

A lot is going on in Ben Wilde’s life. He has two coffee roasters and a green coffee importing business to run. He’s splitting time between states. He has a family that he spends a lot of time with traveling, working, and generally living life. In the new pod, we cover a lot of it, often at full speed ahead. Some paraphrased thoughts from Ben and about Ben that I noted while we talked:

  • You can find good people if you treat people well.

  • Sometimes in business, you just got to go get it. It might be as easy as asking.

  • It doesn’t need to be perfect (the coffee), but you do need to be honest with your audience about your skill level. Ben and Kina reached a point in their roasting exploration where they wanted others to give it a try.

  • Sometimes the best thing you can do is let the coffee speak for itself.

  • Quichapa Coffee is named after a lake (dry) near Cedar City, UT. The word comes from the Ute language used by the Southern Paiute. The translation of the name isn’t as positive as one would think. You’ll need to listen to the pod to find out more.

Left: Ben samples coffees at SCA 2023 (Portland). Right: Yunnan is a province in southwestern China.


  • The Wilde collection of coffee businesses was also featured on Daily Coffee News online in June. Read the article here.

  • Happy Birthday, Ben!


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