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Coffee People: Taylor MacInnis and Aaron Moore, Craft 42 Roasters

Coffee People: Taylor MacInnis and Aaron Moore, Craft 42 Roasters

It's about values.


Guests: Taylor MacInnis & Aaron Moore, Craft 42 Roasters
Role: Owner & Head Roaster, respectively
From: Kelowna, British Columbia
Online: • @craft42roasters on Instagram

My takeaway from chatting with Taylor and Aaron is that it always comes back to values. The coffee they serve and the space and experience they offer meet an intrinsic need for spreading goodness and appreciation of craft—their own and the farmers and collaborators they work with. Craft 42 is a reflection of their relationship with each other, their community, and their family.

Beyond our conversation, I got to sit across from them in a video chat twice for this podcast. During our video chats, I got to see how they looked to each other for support and reinforcement, offered each other strength, and were willing to uplift the other. It was inspiring.

They managed to be honest, vulnerable, and yet seemingly comfortable in the challenges that lay before them. That is what I saw. In the time leading to the launch of Craft 42 Roasters, they saw the potential in their community. They saw an opportunity to create more connections around them. They began investing in the foundation of a business that may outlast them.

I left our chats inspired, and hopefully, you’ll feel the same after listening to this edition of Coffee People.

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Taylor isn’t the first woman entrepreneur to join this podcast who mentioned feelings of aloneness in the industry. Everyone’s experience in business is different, but having a network to lean on or a leader who has paved the path is a valuable resource.

It’s important to recognize that you’re not alone in your entrepreneurial efforts. Depending on the source, the number varies, but in Canada, between 25-32% of businesses are owned by women. In the United States, the U.S. Census suggests that number is a bit lower at 20%.

There are sources of support in various forms, including guidance, funding, mental health, and networking, available specifically for female entrepreneurs.

  • The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has compiled a list for Women in Business that includes support links listed by region and category. Find that here.

  • WBE Canada is a non-profit that acts as the “bridge between Canadian women-owned businesses and larger corporate and public buyers that were previously out of reach.” They offer support for businesses looking to scale in size. Find WBE Canada here.

  • In the U.S., the Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Association of Women's Business Centers. They offer leadership programs, federal grant help, networking opportunities and more. Find AWBC here.

  • The International Association of Women (IAW) is a cross border program offering even more opportunities for professional development. Find IAW here.

  • Taylor and Aaron recently welcomed their second child into their burgeoning empire. There are a growing number of Mom-preneur groups offering a more specific support. Check out Moms as Entrepreneurs and The Founding Moms.

There are so many more, many that are location or industry focused.


Our new pup, Quito, made an appearance in this podcast. He doesn’t quite understand the need for quite time during the recordings, but he is a real cute coffee buddy, so I let it slide.

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