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Coffee People: Nick Visconti

Coffee People: Nick Visconti

Founder at Drink Coffee, Do Stuff in South Lake Tahoe, CA
To the right of frame a gentleman in a white tee and black ball cap drinks a coffee behind a coffee bar. Roasting machines are in the background.

S8: E5

Guests: Nick Visconti, DRINK COFFEE DO STUFF
Role: Co-Founder/Roaster/Eccentric Snowboarder
From: Lake Tahoe, CA (region)
Online: www.drinkcoffeedostuff • @drinkcoffee_dostuff on Instagram
What he drinks: Espresso. Drip as a back-up.

This podcast was scheduled to come out yesterday. I hate to delay a show, but Nick and I spent a lot of time ruminating on the impact of the mountains on him and Drink Coffee Do Stuff.

When my life got flipped turned upside down, and I realized I would not only be on top of a mountain today but on the very mountain Nick and I chat about during the pod—Copper Mountain in Frisco, CO—I knew there was some sort of through-line that had to be honored.

I’m merely traveling through, but Nick has led a life, oft extraordinary, at high elevation. DRINK COFFEE DO STUFF isn’t just a business. It is a reflection of its founders and the mountain communities they call home. Enjoy the pod.

Snowy pine trees in the foreground lead out to snowcapped mountains on the horizon.
The view from one of my favorite runs at Copper Mountain.


  • If you don’t know Rocket Power (I didn’t), now you do. I like that our conversation started with an against the grain comment that I saw reflected in Nick’s journey throughout our conversation on the podcast.

  • Nick’s pro-snowboarding career required a lot of travel. As an ancillary benefit was able to explore lots of cultures, often through coffee.

  • His coffee obsession began in 2012 ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN! That sounds like something Ron Burgundy would say, but in this case, it was true. The mountain in the Alps was in the village of Saas-Fee, known as the Pearl of the Alps. At the time, his motivation was to discover a fuel source, not a flavor. That has changed.

  • Fuel TV was awesome. It may still be.

  • Nick transitioned his life from being the product to creating a product and providing a service. Leaving a career he was already successful in may have seemed odd to the outside, but it enabled him to embrace his family man roots and begin focusing on a passion he saw himself pursuing as his second act.

    Standing in the snow in front of coffee shop, three stocking cap clad friends throw up the rock n roll devil horns in excitement.
    From front: Nick, Brad, and Laura—the DCDS brain trust. PC: @DrinkCoffeeDoStuff on Facebook.
  • As he did as a snowboarder, in coffee, Nick tries to keep blinders on. He is competing with himself in pursuit of excellence.

  • At Drink Coffee Do Stuff, they embrace mountain culture for their product, not just as part of the brand. They source coffee from producers farming at 5200-9100 feet. Then they roast the coffee at their facility at 6000’ of elevation. If you stop by and order a mug at the cafe, that lucky coffee will end its lifecycle in the mountains too.

  • DCDS doesn’t exist only in Nick’s head. Without his co-founder and wife, Laura, nor partner, Brad Farmer, they don’t achieve the same level of success and growth in such a short order. Beyond the brain trust, Nick continually wanted to impress the importance of the DCDS team and their customers, whose passion and support have continued to inspire them to push further, create more opportunities, and give back to the community.

  • The company has entered a new phase. Nick called it their teen or early college years. As the company grows, he’s learning new ways to be the boss and seeking out new entrepreneurial adventures.

    A man in a red buffalo check flannel is blurred in the background holding a white takeaway coffee cup
    The logo tells you what to do. Life is easy. PC @DrinkCoffeeDoStuff on Facebook.
  • After coffee, they drink beer. Check out this clip from Nick’s former career.


  • Day 1: Perks! in Washington, UT. Brian and Elise served me a light roasted Rwanda Sholi Estate. I was thrilled to find a roaster only a few blocks from the hotel. I’ve struggled to find coffee on my stops in the St. George, UT-region in the past.
    Flavor notes: Orange Blossom, Vanilla, Spice, Berries.
    Of note: Fairtrade, Woman produced, Rainforest Alliance, Organically produced.


Thanks to everyone for asking about the pup. His jaw surgery went well. He’s feeling good. He’s already back into chaos mode while his parents helicopter around trying to make sure he doesn’t bump his face on anything. He’s managing his first long road trip just fine.


Mostra Coffee can’t stop, won’t stop. From their recent press release.

Mostra Coffee, the esteemed San Diego-based coffee roaster and retailer, is delighted to announce the opening of their fourth location in Hillcrest…Mostra Coffee location is set to open its doors on July 8, 2023.

The newest Mostra opens in Hillcrest (San Diego) on July 8, 2023. PC: @mostracoffee via facebook

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