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Coffee People: Matthew Bryce, Seven Sleepers Coffee Labs

Coffee People: Matthew Bryce, Seven Sleepers Coffee Labs

Fast tracking your coffee education experience.
A mirrored image of a man pouring coffee into multiple small glass cups on a kitchen countertop covered in various coffee brewing equipment.
Photo modified courtesy of @sscoffeelabs on Instagram.


Guest: Matthew Bryce
Role: Founder/Coffee Educator
Based: Torrance, CA
Online: @sscoffeelabs on Instagram
What they order: Espresso and/or black drip coffee

Matthew remembers the very first coffee that changed his perception of the drink. Do you remember yours? I’m always surprised that we can have such specific moments that we identify as THE moment it all changed…at least, in retrospect.*

For Matthew, a coffee friend in Virginia Beach brewed him a cup of French-pressed coffee from the Misty Valley region of Ethiopia. He remembers it being from a processing facility in Adido (or Idido).** He describes it as fun and like dessert. It inspired him to ask, “Can I make all my coffees like this?”

The answer for us all is…sure…maybe…if you want. More specifically, if that is the style you like and you want to brew each cup of coffee with intention. I love coffee but can’t say I put in my best effort every day. Some mornings, it is all I can do to measure the beans and remember to set my timer.

The goals of Roast! West Coast and Matthew’s with Seven Sleepers Coffee Labs align. We want to help people have the best possible experience in brewing and drinking coffee. If our podcasting efforts, especially with Coffee Smarter, is like a semester on the Duolingo app. Matthew’s coffee education sessions are immersive experiences that provide context to the information. They both are helpful, but one will get you to the next stage in your progression quicker.

*I’m surprised despite being one of those people who always tells and retells the story of his first cup of coffee. I referenced it in last week’s episode with Jared Linzmeier of Ruby Coffee.Check that out here:

**Idido is a region in Ethiopia, as is Addis Ababa. Perhaps there was some confusion in the story on the bag. We’re lucky to have so much information about the coffee’s we’re drinking—farm, elevation, region, processing, etc—but that hasn’t always been the case.


  • Matthew’s second memorable coffee experience was drinking a coffee brewed on a Nel Dripper at a 1:6 ratio at Blue Bottle Coffee in Chelsea (NYC) that reminded him of a hot Amaro. I found a Blue Bottle Nel Drip brewing guide here:

Left: a straight on photo of a caucasian man in a blue, short-sleeved, button up shirt, with a salt and pepper beard, dark glasses and light grey hair smiles at the camera, in the background is an outdoor restaurant patio. Right: A product photo of a glass coffee dripper with a bulbous bottom and a wooden collar around the middle. A cloth filter sits in the top cone shape of the dripper.
Left: This guy could be teaching you coffee! Right: The Nel Drip kit features a cloth filter. Available from Hario via Blue Bottle Coffee
  • A Hot Amaro is a reference to an nightcap made with Amaro and coffee. Amaro is a bitter Italian liquor with hints of caramel, vanilla and allspice. A Hot Amaro is made with hot coffee, Amaro, and a blend of herbs and spices. Check out this description from Davide Oldani on Punchdrink:

  • MySpace is still around! It does not look the same. It was once a direct competitor to Facebook. Now it kind of looks like Soundcloud and Rolling Stone had a kid that is really struggling to find its way in the world post-college.

  • The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus is a wild story.

  • Roast! West Coast is now a member of The Podcast Academy. We’ve submitted this show for some of their annual podcasting awards called The Ambies.

    The Podcast Academy logo
  • Spill the Beans is opening a third location in Mission Valley. Updated details can be found here as they are available. Until then the mock-ups are impressive. It will be interesting to see if the finished product matches up with the proposed space.

    A mock up of a coffee shop against a blue cloudy sky with the sun setting to the right. A big porch sets off the front sign that says Coffee + Bagel
    Proposed Spill The Beans coffee shop in Mission Valley, San Diego, CA.



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Coffee tip of the day: If you’re using an automatic brewer, don’t forget to open the little hole at the bottom to let the coffee drain into the pot. Trust me.

Close-ups of coffee grinds and coffee spilling over the side of a coffee brewer onto the coffee pot below.
Despite using it about 125 times, I’m still not used to an automatic brewer. I’ve been pretty pleased with this Simply Good Coffee Brewer. So much so, that I set up a referral link with them. They’ll give me the hookup if anyone uses it. A full experience based review coming soon.

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