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Roast! - David Foster, Kiln Coffee Bar

Roast! - David Foster, Kiln Coffee Bar

Photo Credit @KilnCoffeeBar

S5:EP11 - EPISODE 100

Guest: David Foster, Co-Founder of Kiln Coffee Bar
Where: Grand Junction, CO
Instagram: @KilnCoffeeBar

It is fitting that the 100th episode features a roaster that I’ve been visiting for quite a bit longer than I’ve been doing this show. Kiln Coffee Bar is a destination stop for me and my Wife during our holiday travels. We plan our drive so that we can wake up and go to Kiln for our morning coffee.

Kiln Coffee Bar is a de facto community hub in downtown Grand Junction, a community that has been growing and evolving over the past decade. The coffee roaster has been growing and evolving too.

Early on, David says something—almost under his breath—that stuck with me as being true for all entrepreneurial efforts. When I ask about his role at the company he owns with his twin brother, he replies that the roles are constantly shifting.

One of the reasons I’ve always found myself back in the hospitality world, be it as a barista, bartender, or general manager, is because every day brings a new challenge that demands a different skill. If I already had that skill, I would get to teach one of my team members. If I didn’t, then we would get to learn something new together. Eventually, the team supported me as much as I was supporting them.

“We care about the product, and we care about them as humans.”

David Foster, Co-Owner of Kiln Coffee

David and his brother Jonathan Foster started Kiln together. According to David, being an entrepreneur and starting a business isn’t something that he might have initially decided to do despite always having the dream of opening a coffee shop. Having the support of his brother made everything easier.

Identical twin brothers (caucasian) pose for the camera in matching masks and glasses in front of a pine wood wall at a coffee shop.
If customers had a hard time telling the brothers apart before the coronavirus, it definitely wasn’t getting easier with masks. Follow @KilnCoffeeBar on Instagram.

Running a business means having your attention pulled in a million different directions at once. By pooling their efforts, David primarily works in the coffee shop, and Jonathan runs the roaster and does the books. The Foster brothers have been able to take more time to pay attention to the little things. In turn, everything else in the shop shines a little bit brighter.


You have been foundational to the success of this podcast and are a major reason I’ve been able to produce 100 episodes. It is a milestone that I can’t way to look back on fondly. Those of you who listen to the podcast and subscribe to the newsletter has provided me with emotional boosts that feel kind of like hitting a home run in Little League. When I meet random listeners in a cafe or see a barista with one of my stickers on their water jug, I’m filled with gratitude and pride and inspired to push forward.

Thank you all for listening, for supporting this show, and this shows sponsors, reading the newsletter, and caring, even a little bit about the entrepreneurial journey of others and about your morning cup of coffee. That simple cup connects you to an entire network of coffee professionals around the world.

It is a pretty awesome and fairly delicious power that you wield. Use it wisely.

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Tea was the drink of the masses, but after the Boston Tea Party drinking coffee became a show of patriotism in America. At the Green Dragon Tavern—deemed “The Headquarters of the Revolution”—in Boston, coffee was served alongside alcoholic beverages. This was common throughout the colonies, where those planning the revolution would meet for the coffee and stay to plot the future of America. Read more about coffee-fueled revolutions on


  • I take baseball fandom very, very seriously. For the record, I cheer for the Milwaukee Brewers, and listen to almost every game on the radio. Announcer Bob Uecker is a national treasure.

  • David Foster co-hosts a podcast primarily about disc golf and sometimes about coffee, called The Grind: A disc golf podcast. Listen on Spotify.

  • The craft coffee businesses David shouted out on the show:


  • Workers at Intelligentsia stores in Chicago are following Starbucks employees lead, and filing to unionize. This marks the first time one of the big craft brands has had a union effort brought forth. Read about it on

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