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The Top 5-ish Coffee Brewing Tips

The Top 5-ish Coffee Brewing Tips

Coffee Smarter Season 2: Episode 11 (Finale)

Topic: Top 5-ish Tips For Brewing Coffee At-Home
Chris O’Brien, Coffee Cycle Roasting
Title: Founder & Head Roaster
Connect: Coffee Cycle • @coffeecycleroasting


  • If you like it, that is what matters. This is supposed to be fun and tasty. Those are subjective traits, and we are not judging your coffee journey.

  • Buy good coffee beans from you favorite local coffee roaster. Great beans will help hide other brewing concerns.

    • A good grinder is up there if it is reasonable in your budget. You can get around not having your own great grinder, but they are nice to have. A grocery store grinder is not one of those alternative options. Ask your local roaster for grinding assistance, if needed.

  • Water is a major ingredient in coffee. Paying a bit of attention to it will definitely improve your cup of coffee.

  • Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good. Strive for greatness, but also enjoy the journey.

  • Store your coffee in a cool, dark place with minimal exposure to oxygen. It is better to squeeze the air out and leave it in the bag than to keep it in the clear plastic hopper attached to the grinder.

  • Take time to care about the greater community of coffee. You are connected to people around the world, including farmers, pickers, importers, roasters, baristas, and so on. You’re part of that chain that drives economy and politics and inspires creativity and productivity. That’s pretty cool.

  • He didn’t ask me to say this, but the coffee at Chris’ Coffee Cycle Roasting is pretty great. I’m drinking it right now…probably. I’m not sure when you’re reading this.




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